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      Large portions of trash and debris such as furniture, fragments of furniture, bicycles, bicycle parts, broke-down automobiles, car parts, automotive fluids, appliances, electronics, propane tanks, hazardous chemicals and any similar objects are to be treated as property of their respective tenants, homeowners or property managers and will dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Such items and their proper disposal may be delegated back to the tenants, homeowners, property management staff and/or local authorities. Some items are handled by Pure Cleaning Services  as a separate cost under the Hazardous Household Waste Removal of our business.

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We remove certain types of Hazardous Waste. Click for more information.


      Items such as weapons, knives, blades, sharp objects and any other similar objects that may cause bodily harm will be treated as dangerous or life-threatening materials and as such will be delegated back to property management staff, tenants, homeowners and/or local authorities.  In such cases, the property management staff, tenants, homeowners and/or local authorities will be notified immediately for the proper collection and removal. We are not responsible for the removal of the aforementioned discarded property.

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